DMC Boxing is here to provide everyone the opportunity to train like a boxer regardless of age, sex, or current physical condition. Boxing is for you, your family, friends, and everyone; and it’s here to stay!

Daniel Meza-Cuadra

Daniel Meza-Cuadra


"Coach Daniel" Meza-Cuadra is a former Peruvian boxer and boxing manager with more than 40 years of experience. As a boxer he trained with the Peruvian National Team & also trained in Cuba. Daniel has worked with 3 World Champions and several ranked fighters. In 89 Daniel was lucky to train at the original 5th St Gym in Miami under Chris Dundee & Beau Jack until he moved to Chicago. In Ohio, He started with a punching bag in his basement and training friends for fun. One day he drove by a boxing gym in West Chester, Ohio. Driven by curiosity, he stopped by and spoke to the owner. The next day one of their trainers called in sick and the owner asked if he could fill in - he did, and the class went great. People started talking, and within a 24 hour period, he was offered a position training students 5 days a week! One day the owner of the gym decided to close down the facility. Daniel decided to start building his dream boxing gym. 13 months later, DMC Boxing became a reality, quickly growing to impact many people in the community a form a small group of boxers which we call family. coach Daniel has been traveling the World and spending times in gyms learning from others coaches such as the greatest Mexican Trainer Nacho Beristain, Buddy McGuirt in Vero Beach, FL amongst others and is passing along his knowledge to his students


Enrico Meza-Cuadra


Enrico Meza-Cuadra, son of Coach/Trainer Daniel Meza-Cuadra started boxing at the age of 5. He has been actively involved with his dad/coach for over 10 years. Growing up, he was dedicated to multiple competitive sports such as soccer and wrestling, which has assisted him in becoming a well rounded athlete. Over the past 3 years and under his father's leadership, Enrico has been training and coaching amateur and professional boxers such as former world champion Carlos Zambrano. He also has been leading cardio boxing sessions, kids boxing classes, and recently assisting with on-line training classes.


Adam Murphy


Adam has been involved in martial arts and combat sports since he was 12 years old. He wrestled through junior high and high school while training Taekwondo. Adam currently holds a 2nd degree Taekwondo black belt and a 2 stripe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt. He has been very active with training and instructing children and adults in self-defense. Adam also likes to spend time working as a martial arts instructor at a special education school (Summit Academy) that specializes in children with autism and ADD. Under Coach Daniel's guidance, Adam has been given the opportunity to assist in coaching boxing classes over the past year. In his latest USA Boxing bout, Adam won by TKO Stoppage in Round One, making him a well diverse self defense competitor and a future leader in boxing.

DMC works with everyone willing to make the commitment to improve their overall health while having fun and learning one of the most important skills – self defense”

Daniel Meza-Cuadra

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